Work Experience



Alternatives for Sustainable Development 
Director (1999 Current) 
Barcelona, Spain.


Center of Ecology and Development
EU Projects Expert (1999 Current) 
Stuttgart, Germany.

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Homeless International
Projects Manager for Asia, Africa and Latin America. (1995-1997) 
Coventry, United Kingdom.


The Oxford Centre for Disaster Studies 
Consultancies (1994-1995) 
Oxford, United Kingdom.


Research Centre 
Member of Academic Research Group (1981-1982/1992-1993) 
Quito, Ecuador.


Habitat et Développement
Member of Research Group (1986-1992) 
Louvain la Neuve, Belgium.


Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques 
Expertise Missions, Fortaleza, Brazil. (1991-1992) 
Paris, France.


Ecuadorian Foundation for the Habitat 
Technical Department Director (1984-1990) 
Quito, Ecuador.


Latin America Association for Habitat, Architecture and Urban Planning
Assistant (1982-1984) 
Quito, Ecuador.


Architectural Studio
Architectural Studio Responsible (1976-1984) 
Quito, Ecuador.