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This dissertation is a part of a series of documents produced by the author over the past eight years during three different periods:

MSc. in Architecture: Thesis "Methodologie d'Evaluation des Technologies de Construcction Appropriées a la Región Amazonienne en Equateur". Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, 1987 This thesis was the outcome of four years of research and construction of Low-Cost timber dwellings in the Amazonian Region of Ecuador.

MSc. in Habitat and Development: Thesis "Tecnologías apropiadas de construcción y posibilidades de prefabricación en Ecuador". Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, 1991
This thesis represents three years of research (1987-1990), experimentation and construction of Low-Cost earth timber and bamboo dwellings in the Coastal and Andean region of Ecuador.

Trade-off Methodology for Low-Cost Housing Construction Technologies is the continuation of the above mentioned theses and it summarises three years of research and application of technological innovations for low cost housing using appropriate technologies and information systems in Latin American countries. (Brazil, 1991-1992; Ecuador 1992-1993; El Salvador 1993).

Centre for Development and Emergency Planning

Oxford, September 1994.

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Trade-off Methodology for Low-Cost Housing Construction Technologies
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