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the graph corresponds to proposal Reference Low-Cost Housing Design. (pages 5-9)

The dwelling analysed has a total constructed floor area of 71 m2. With the A constructive system proposed. (pages 10-15)

The total price is 5,882 US dollars. (pages 24-31)

We have chosen a credit system at 10% interest over a 

20 year period, this category of affordability can be obtained at a monthly payment of 56 US dollars.

At $56 per month payment, for a requirement of 30% of the total monthly income per family a minimum income of $185 dollars per month is required.
Equivalent to 4 minimum monthly salaries as demonstrated in the graph.


Following the dotted line further it shows that the population that can afford this proposal is 72 percent.

This system can be adapted to any geographical and economical context by altering the inputs and variables.



1 In this example the variables used for affordability, cost recovery and income categories are to demonstrate how the model works. In the next part of this dissertation I will obtain more precise figures

and will test the system with real information.

2 To create part of this graph, the structure has been taken from "Monographie de projet D'Addis Abeba

á Nazareth, Un programme d'habitat à coût modéré, Septembre 1987" GRET Groupe des Recherches et d'Echanges Technologiques."

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Trade-off Methodology for Low-Cost Housing Construction Technologies

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