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Conventional budgeting systems normally output a total cost saving, but the disadvantage is that it is very labour intensive to then identify which areas or components most significantly affect the total costs.
The unique innovation of this system is that it illustrates the proportional values of all the components in figures, pie charts and bar graphs. The use of graphical representation accelerates the comparison and evaluation processes.

All the output information from the Main Workbook and the Components Workbook is summarised in the totals spreadsheet,

The totals information is linked and assembled to produce six simple statistical graphs in Statistics Workbook which facilitates a quick understanding of the information.

This process facilitates a quick evaluation of the situation and, what is more important, it will allow us to apply corrective measures to the whole system.

The information is provided through six spreadsheets-charts with the entire information in local currency (Sucres, Ecuadorian Currency in this particular example) and US Dollars, also in pay and column charts.

The output cells has a single outline

The input cells has a double outline

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Objective | Methodology | Conclusions | Bibliography

Trade-off Methodology for Low-Cost Housing Construction Technologies

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