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First Floor Walls
Structurally, the walls are made of pre-fabricated timber panels based on 60x700x2200 mm and 60x300x2200 mm standard modules, which are fixed to the floor and roof beams. (Photos 06, 09)

60x700x1000 mm and 60x300x 1000 mm frames are used for the wall below the windows or the staircases balustrades or the open-plan areas.

25x25 mm horizontal timbers are nailed on to each side of the frames, covered with chicken wire and the hollow stud wall is unfilled with a 2:1 earth-pumice mixture. Finally the wall is rendered with a 1:12 cement-earth mortar.

Any defects can be corrected with a 1:10 water-common wood glue mixture, which forms a type of polyfilla when mixed with earth. The interior and exterior walls are treated with a diluted mixture of this solution (1:20 glue-water), sprayed on to harden the wall finish.

The roof comprises 820x1580 mm and 1680x1580 mm pre-fabricated frames made up of 20x160 mm timbers, glued and nailed. These frames are clad in timber, which simultaneously acts as insulation and bracing. As the structure must be lightweight, micro concrete roof tiles are recommended.

Any type of finish available on the market can be used on both the ground floor mud brick walls and the first floor wattle and daub walls.


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