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 Construction System
The construction system does not require any sophisticated machinery for prefabrication and its components could well be manufactured in small community workshops or even directly on site.


The construction elements are so lightweight that they can easily be transported and assembled without a crane.


The Foundations
The basic structural axes must be set out with great precision as this is critical for the process of assembling the components.

The foundations consist of a series of 500x500x400 mm footings, linked by 400x400 mm concrete strip foundations with a high proportion of stone in the mixture. These foundations can be prefabricated.


Upper Foundations
The upper foundations consist of 100x200 mm prefabricated concrete beams. The upper foundations protect the walls from erosion and damp.


Columns and Beams
The columns and beams comprise two 150x75 mm timber sections, bolted together to give a total cross-section of 150x150 mm. (photo 01)

The structural axes make up a tartan grid with dimensions 2,400- 2,400 mm x 3,200 - 1,600 - 3,200 mm and their respective modules.


The joints between columns


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Trade-off Methodology for Low-Cost Housing Construction Technologies

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