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This strategy also strengthens local and regional economies by generating income through micro enterprises for the production of building components using local materials with cocal labour, thereby improving conditions for low-income communities. Besides all these advantages, the application of information technology throughout the whole process enables low-cost building technologies to become more competitive in terms of quality, cost and affordability.

In response to the lack of modern technology available for low-cost housing, In the last three years I have developed a practical methodology for optimal use of affordable building technologies. applying the potential of modern information technology.


Use of Information Systems

Statistical-Budgeting System
The first piece of software, is the Integrated Statistical-Budgeting System, it permits a rapid cost evaluation between the component parts of any one construction technology. Thus maximum cost-savings can be achieved by selecting the most appropriate combination of these component technologies. This system also faciliates a tight control over quality (correct proportions for mortar, whitewash, joining components etc); and man-hours required per prefabricated element. With this system, total quality control for the whole project can be a reality.


Trade-Off Software
The second software, the Trade-Off System for Optimal Affordability of Appropriate Technologies, evaluates the outputs from the Statistical Budgeting System in conjunction with a series of financial variables (community income levels, constructed floor area, interest rate on loan and annuity) to achieve optimal affordability and cost recovery.

This is a practical and useful package developed to reach proffesionals in housing, policy makers, academics and students.
It consists (thesis, manual and softwares)

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Contents | Preface | Acknowledgements | Abstract | Introduction
Objective | Methodology | Conclusions | Bibliography

Trade-off Methodology for Low-Cost Housing Construction Technologies
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